Film has a very real and transformative effect on people. It has the power to shed light on an issue, tell stories and chronicle history. We are committed to using our skills as wildlife storytellers to help create a more sustainable future for the world, as well as documenting the progression.

Extraordinary Awards are the first major initiative to come out of Extraordinary. This is an award competition for creative and marketing industries; the specialists in shifting consumer behaviour, framing lifestyles, creating trends and influencing choices.

Brands that prioritise sustainability on their agenda can take consumers on the journey with them. We aim to inspire the connection of brand flair and sustainability substance.



Support and enable the development of practical strategies for brands and their creative agencies to raise the profile of sustainability in mainstream communications. 

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Promote, inspire and support the development of best practices for branded communications that make sustainability desirable for consumers.


Inspire strong connections between consumers and brands on a sustainability journey using the powerful influence of creative storytelling - thereby supporting the world in achieving goals for a more sustainable future.


Experts estimate that only 1% of the materials used to produce our consumer goods are still in use six months after sale. The value of craftsmanship and provenance is facing a losing battle. Price and speed are trumping care for humanity, environment and wildlife.  

But the tide is turning. Increasing awareness around biodiversity, sustainability and inhumane issues has led to a substantial rise in conscious consumption. It’s clear that momentum surrounding sustainability has started across the globe. By helping consumers understand and care, we hope to communicate to brands that sustainability can be a competitive advantage.