Premiering the winning film at Cannes Lions is just the beginning. The winning agency will be connected to the UN summit and General Assembly in NYC, Egypt and Nairobi.


4 April 2018 by Carolyn Managh

UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has joined WWF as partners in WiLD Studios’ Extraordinary; the first global programme that empowers brands to make sustainability sexy. 

We know messaging sustainability isn’t particularly sexy and comes with its share of potential landmines. This explains the inevitable documentary-style content running in parallel to sexy brand messaging. This separation entrenches the lack of desirability around sustainability. 

The first initiative to kick off Extraordinary is the Extraordinary Awards, a global competition for the advertising and creative industry to use their creative powers for good. The first award is for Best Visual Concept for a short-form video that merges brand flair + sustainability substance; making it is so sexy for consumers that sustainability becomes a key consideration for purchase decisions.

Premiering the finished film at Cannes Lions 2018 is just the beginning for the winning agency. As part of the collaboration with UN Environment, the winning agency will be connected to various high profile UN summits and General Assemblies; including a targeted public launch at the Social Good Summit, as part of the UN General Assembly (18-30 September, 2018) and showcasing at the UN Biodiversity Conference (Egypt, November 2018) and UN Environment General Assembly (Nairobi, March 2019).

 “The advertising industry plays a crucial role in creating trends and influencing the choices we make. Project Extraordinary enrols this industry to be part of shifting consumer behaviours for the survival of generations that follow. There are few opportunities more extraordinary or essential than this task,” explains Ligia Noronha, Director, Economy Division, UNEP. “Our common future really depends, on how we choose to live, work and play as global consumers – how we run our homes, what food we eat, how we get around, how we relax, what we buy and how we care for our planet.”

Extraordinary Programme Director, Carolyn Managh says, “Early response to the competition has been overwhelming, with high number of submissions from India, New Zealand, Philippines, Canada, and Germany. With just 9 days until entries close on 12 April, the countdown is on for the creative industry to develop concepts that could end up on the world’s most influential stage.”


For more information about the competition, contact

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Extraordinary, PR Manager
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