19 February 2018 by Carolyn Managh

Today marks the launch of the inaugural Project Extraordinary, an unprecedented collaboration between WiLD Studios (the short-film division of award winning international documentary filmmakers NHNZ, otherwise called Natural History NZ, and WWF-New Zealand (spearheading this project on behalf of WWF Global). It aims to give sustainability an irresistible appeal among consumers globally. With experts estimating only one percent of the materials used to produce consumer goods are still in use six months after sale, there is an urgent need to shift consumer attitudes and make sustainability a priority choice for people everywhere.

Project Extraordinary is a competition that will see one creative agency potentially make history. The challenge invites creative minds globally to develop a short-form video concept that demonstrates how sustainability is desirable, and sexy, to encourage one billion consumers globally to make more than 50% of their purchases based on sustainability as one of the top three decision triggers by 2020.

WiLD Studios Executive Producer, Carolyn Managh explains, “This is a history-making opportunity for a creative agency. To go beyond the documentary format typically applied to this topic and find a sexy and relevant way to reinvent the way sustainability is pitched to global consumers is clearly no small feat. This is why we’ve opened the challenge up to the best creative minds around the world”.

Director General WWF, Marco Lambertini says, “We know what we need to do; the science is there. The challenge is to make sustainability of our planet desirable. Inspirational. Let’s get personal and real. We need to stop talking in generalities and show every consumer in every corner of the globe exactly how they can be part of the solution.” 

WWF-New Zealand CEO, Livia Esterhazy adds, “When I worked in the advertising world, it constantly surprised and inspired me how creatives approached a problem and developed ideas to solve them. The degradation of our planet is the single-most pressing problem facing our very existence. This project is a bold idea to harness creative power globally to help build a future where people live in harmony with nature.”

Timberland Asia-Pacific VP of Marketing, Christy Kilmartin elaborates, “One of the biggest challenges brands face today is the gaping disconnect between people’s sustainable values and their purchase behaviours. By harnessing the worlds best creative minds, Project Extraordinary promises a new era where the sexiest choice is also the best choice for humanity.”

UN High Level Commissioner and SDG Global Ambassador, Dr. Alaa Murabit says, “It’s not enough to have global leaders, corporates and NGOs committed to addressing the devastating impact our ecosystems and wildlife are facing. Billions of consumers must start changing their actions and purchases to shift the needle. Innovative platforms like Project Extraordinary are the kind of inspiration the world needs to change how history will depict us.”

The competition will be judged by a distinguished jury comprising of the who’s who of conservation and blue-chip brands aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. (See below for jury members). Entries close at 5pm GMT, Thursday 12 April, 2018.

Three concepts will be shortlisted as ‘highly commended’ to be subsequently filmed and produced by WiLD Studios in collaboration with the respective agencies. The Winner of The Extraordinary Award will be chosen from the three Highly Commended finished films, by Marco Lambertini and the panel members of the ‘How to Make Sustainability Sexy’ forum. The winning film will premiere at this forum on Tuesday, 19 June, 2018 at Cannes Lions 2018.

Entry is now open.


For more information about the competition, contact

Carolyn Managh
WiLD Studios, Executive Producer
+64 21 320 170

For media interviews or more information, contact

Lucy Eru
project Extraordinary, PR Manager
+64 22 521 5235


Notes to Editor

Gary Knell                                            President-CEO National Geographic Society
Dane O’Shanassy                                 Country Manager Patagonia-Australia
Deon Nel                                              Global Conservation Director WWF Intl
Sudhanshu Sarronwala                        Exec Dir WWF-Intl, Chairman Earth Hour
Cigdem Yildiz Kurtulus                        Global Brand Director Unilever
Dr Eliane Ubalijoro                               Prof. Sustainable Practice, McGill University, Board Director WWF-Intl
Hammad Naqi Khan                             Director General WWF-Pakistan
Kate Wylie                                            Global VP Sustainability Mars
Christy Kilmartin                                  VP Marketing Timberland Asia-Pacific
Torsten Schuppe                                  VP Global Marketing Google
Liv Esterhazy                                       CEO WWF-New Zealand
Riccardo Navone                                 Managing Director IKEA Portugal
Yves Calmette                                     CMO WWF-Australia
Stephen England-Hall                         CEO Tourism New Zealand
Kresse Wesling MBE                            Co-founder Elvis & Kresse
Susan Stephens                                   Co-founder Me Me, New Zealand
Alan AtKisson                                      International Sustainability Hall of Fame
Jeff Garner                                          Founder Prophetik
Golriz Lucina                                       Head of Creative, SoulPancake
LO Sze Ping                                         CEO WWF-China
Kavita Khosa                                        Founder PurEarth
Dionysius Sharma                               CEO WWF-Malaysia
Daniel Cherry III                                  CSO Translation
Jessica Robinson                                  Founder Moxie Future